More Similar Than Meets the Eye

We are all Daleks in disguise. Every human being in some way, shape, or form can be compared to a cruel, heartless machine of death. Allow me to further explain myself, because I know what many are thinking and it goes a little deeper than calling humans vengeful, manipulative, and evil. I am not making a quintessential analogy by this statement, however, I do recognize many overlapping traits. Humans are not absolute evil, but like Daleks we all possess a side of us that is somewhat malicious and ruthless. You see it everywhere, girls gossiping about their so-called “friends”, and boys picking fight with anyone who so much as looks at them sideways. Now this, too, is a large generalization, but the point is most apparent. Daleks also contain a drive for power over all other desires. We can reflect on this in our own lives when we observe the history of the human race. In recent history, there have been many leaders that portray a sense of hate and superiority over another race, gender, or class in a similar way to the Daleks. Even still, Hitler tried to exterminate an entire race just like the Daleks! My final argument to justify this similarity is the painstaking fact that we all are just mushy blobs on the inside. The Daleks created a body armor designed to protect and disguise their true forms, and we as humans do the same. Whether the facade we use is something as simple as makeup to a more emotional perspective of putting up an emotional barrier, there is an underlying message that we do not want others to see our true selves, our true form. To dig a little deeper into this idea, I ask myself, what do we have to hide? Everyone else is in the same situation as us, in an overarching way, so I see no reason to have this blockade up. But even I am subject to masking what is inside. As something to ponder, I encourage all of you to just take a moment and ask yourself what is your mask, and what are you trying to hide?


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