New to Who

Before this class I had never seen Doctor Who, so I decided to do some exploring. I got on Pinterest and searched Doctor Who to see what I could find and what I could learn about the show based on the pins I saw.


This was the first post that I came across on Pinterest and I found it very interesting because it shows that the fans really appreciate that there is a limited amount of aggression in the show. It is difficult to find shows without a lot of aggression and it is nice to find something different.


I like this photo for a similar to reason to the previous photo, but I like that this one has the characters and actual lines which show the true personality of the characters. It shows that the doctor really values not resorting to violence and he has set morals. He will not deviate from what he believes in order to defeat the antagonist and he will still do everything he can to protect himself and those around him.


This is probably my favorite photo that I found while trying to learn about Doctor Who. I found it extremely funny and I was proud that I understood the joke even with my very limited knowledge of Doctor Who. I am also a fan of puns and I really appreciated the level of sophistication this pun has. It is very simple, which is what makes it great.

As you can see, it is fairly simple to learn a fair amount about Doctor who just by looking up photos on Pinterest. I liked what I found and I can’t wait to watch more Doctor Who! Whether you are a huge fan or you are new to Who, I would recommend looking up Doctor Who on Pinterest to see what you can find.



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