The Companion’s relationships


Through watching the New Who series it has been very evident that the companions of the doctor have had interesting relationships with other humans. In almost every instance the companion’s previous relationship or current relationships are almost always interracial. Now before I get hammered with “what about Amy and Rory” I would like to point out that Amy is Scottish and Rory is English. They are the closest to the same ethnicity as any of the companions and their relationships. Starting with Rose the beloved and I would like to say it hurt me a little when she was gone but her “boyfriend” Mickey before and during her excursions with the doctor was obviously a different race than what she was. He being Black and Rose being White. It is not odd for there to be relationships with someone of a different race but it does seem odd that It has become a theme throughout the New Who series. Then we see Martha who is only interested in being more than friends with the Doctor who was and has always been white. Even Donna here husband that she was going to marry was “black” and she was white. This now has turned from a coincidence to a trend. Now we learn that Donna was just tricked by her would be husband because he was promised by the spider-like alien that lived in the middle of the earth to be saved when the end of the world comes. Now we come to the most current companion that has been available is Clara Oswald. We first meet her in the body of a Dalek in the episode Dalek Asylum and she saves the Doctor by clearing the memory of him throughout the Daleks. We later learn that this is just because Clara jumps into the Doctor’s timeline and is seen all through the history of the Doctor. But that’s not what we need to talk about now. Clara’s main love interest throughout her time with the Doctor is Daniel Pink and guess what. He is also black while Clara maybe having a dark complexion is white creating this yet broken trend of the companions having interracial relationships. I have said it before that this is not a bad thing but it is something that I wanted to point out. The final piece I wanted to throw in is that River was Black at one point in her regenerations to bring up the question. Will the Doctor ever be Black? Thus continuing the trend of interracial relationships throughout the show.


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