First Encounter with Diversity

Growing up in a small town that has only a few thousand people who share the same culture and identity was the best thing for Ahmad. This experience lasted the first eight years of his life. Waking up in the early morning to go to school and seeing friends was what Ahmad considered the ideal life. He had never been exposed to a different culture other than his small milieu. Years after years and that routine became Ahmad’s comfort zone that was almost impossible to escape from.

As they say “life is not always a bed of roses”. Ahmad’s family had to leave their small town due to an earthquake that made their house collapsed to the ground. That did not only made Ahmad to leave his town, he left his school and friends but not yet his comfort zone.

The new town was hundreds of miles away from his original hometown. There was no way for him to go back. Ahmad wakes up in the morning wishing the day to pass fast. Not only because he does not like his school, but also because no one in his school is like him. For that and many other hypothetical reasons, Ahmad asks his mother every morning not to wake him up to school.

Ahmad had to face the music that he had to change, he had to leave the comfort zone that was so deep inside of him. Thus, he woke up one day and left the old Ahmad in the bed forever, and he became the new Ahmad with a new life. Ahmad made his first friend in his new school. Soon after, Ahmad became the popular kid in his school. Ahmad new life was way better that the one he grew up in.

Life is full of surprises that we often think they are bad for us. But eventually we draw a different conclusion as the time goes on.


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