The 9th Doctor’s Personality Pattern

From the few episodes of Doctor Who that I have seen, both old and new Who, it would seem that the 9th Doctor tends to show a pattern of personalities throughout episodes. In the beginning of episodes, the 9th Doctor appears not serious in the slightest bit and very goofy, this reminds of the old doctors very much. However, as the episode progresses the Doctor turns to a more serious character. While I have made this observation, it could also be said that as episodes progress the plot turns more serious and therefore requires a more serious Doctor. However, that does not discredit the continuous pattern that occurs with the doctor’s personality.

During the first episode in season 1, Rose, the Doctor is extremely goofy in the beginning for example when he is walking with rose and the plastic arm he acts very weird and is not serious whatsoever. Then later on in the episode when he is trying to find the main transmitter he becomes very serious and even slightly angry, even saying the human race are apes. This transition can also be seen in the second episode, The End of the World, when in the beginning he is laughing with Rose about what time to go to and is joking and laughing. Then as the episode progresses he becomes more serious and even ends up crying when his home planet is brought up. Him and Rose even get into a fight when he won’t tell her who he is, something that would never happen in the beginning of an episode. While this my analysis of solely watching a hand full of episodes, I am interested to watch the rest of the new Doctor Who series and see if this pattern in the 9th Doctor’s personality continues or changes as the show proceeds.


2 thoughts on “The 9th Doctor’s Personality Pattern”

  1. I agree that the doctor has a bit of a pattern to his personality, however I am inclined to ask whether you think this change in temper is due to his personality or the severity of the situation? I see the doctor as a character quick to anger and has a lot of built up emotions that he has yet to work through. I am curious to see how you feel about this the more episodes you watch.


  2. Throughout this class and watching the Doctor Who episodes, I have come to the understanding that each doctor is his own character and has his own characteristics. However, I also question if each of the later doctors possess just a fraction of the experience or personality traits of the previous doctors as they all must be spiritually connected somehow. This is just a thought I have recently had and wondered if this would contribute to the seemingly extreme changes in the doctors behavior as he possibly fights with the personality of his predecessors as well as his own.


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