Diversity and the Doctor

13220687_1011275938909725_44079605763341130_oI am going to use this paper to relate diversity and track and field together. Diversity is defined as a range of different things. In track and field there is one team, but there  is a range in what events can be apart of your role. For me, my role is to be a sprinter, for others it may be a jumper, distance runner, hurdler, or thrower. As a team we all have to come together for a common goal and that is to win. Personally as a sprinter I have to run fast but also stay healthy so I don’t let my team down. The throwers and jumpers are not runners but we also depend on them to play their part in the field events so we can achieve our goal. The distance runners are the heart of the team because they do a job that most people are capable of doing physically or mentally. But when all of these different parts come together you see a bond like no other even if we don’t all have the same workouts or roles, we all come together to achieve our goal. It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or girl, black or white, fast or slow. when we’re together on the track we’re family.


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