Music and Diversity

The world dreams of having people together without any problems. That would be almost impossible nowadays due to the differences that people have. Those differences are hard to be changed because people come from different cultures. However, there are always alternative solutions for those differences.

One of those differences is languages. It is almost impossible to count the languages around the world. Although many countries have a common language, there are countries that has many languages. India, for example, has over a thousand language. Indians from the north of India find it challenging to communicate with Indians, who live in the south. So it is a hard mission to make the world get together with the language barrier.

However, if the world wants to share a common language, it should think outside the box. Limiting the solution to a common language, like English, would take such a long time to be archived. Thinking outside the box might mean a language that is easily understood without a previous knowledge. One language that is mostly understood by most people is music. People can understand this easy language just by using their common sense. The music can tells people about happiness as well as sadness. It is a very simple solution for such a hard problem the world is facing.

I hope the world one day comes together and enjoy the beauty that music has. I hope that the world one day get together and dance. I hope that the world one day get together and forget about all the differences that people grow up and enjoy this beautiful life. Such a simple solution can make the world a place that welcomes everyone no matter where they come from. That would be a step towards a world that shares joy and love. A world that get people together.


2 thoughts on “Music and Diversity”

  1. While music is effective in portraying emotions to those of all cultures, languages, races, etc., how would you propose we utilize music or find a common language in the business world? It is already evident that English is the “language of business,” so I’m curious as to how we could find a different, easier common ground between the people of the world.


    1. I would say that music and business are different. English is for sure the language for the business world, which can fulfil the human desire to make money. Music, on the other hand, can fulfil the emotional side with of human being.


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