Diversity and the idea of acceptance.

There is no doubt that everyone is able to notice diversity in one way or another, whether that means differentiating themselves from other groups or people or even seeking similarities. Diversity can cover a plethora of different areas, music, food, clothing etc. The idea that I will focus on however, will be the idea of different traditions and behaviors.

Take the previous statement as an example, I mentioned that I would be talking about the idea of “behaviors” which is directly contrary to what I would have written just a few months ago, I know this word to be “behaviours”. Intently ironic how I can clearly see a dotted red line under the word that I have just typed, a way of the software to tell me that what I have type is incorrect. This leads to the idea of acceptance in diversity.

It is easy for one to notice differences between behaviors and traditions, it is easy for one to differentiate themselves from another person. The importance of acceptance in diversity is being able to understand that although the way you may have learnt something may not necessarily be wrong, but it is not the only way. There will be differences, there will be issues or opinions that are diverse, there will be different traditions and behaviors between people. The world is very diverse, and there will always be people who are different, especially behavior wise. It is just not enough to simply acknowledge the differences, it is necessary to take the next step and work towards accepting diversity.

You may not agree with a certain behavior, a certain tradition, but that is the beauty of diversity, you learn to understand what is different from you and need to learn to host your own opinion but also listen to the opinions of others. You do not need to adjust to other behaviors, or agree on every term that is mentioned, but accepting people and ideas that are different from your own without necessarily agreeing with them is the key to an incredibly diverse world.

It is one thing to acknowledge diversity, it is a whole new thing to accept and be a part of a diverse world.


One thought on “Diversity and the idea of acceptance.”

  1. That is something I feel it is changing for some people who never experience a culture that is different that their culture. But as you said, davisity if beauty, and I hope everyone in this world experience that beauty of davisity .


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