Trumps Immigration Policy

Since the start of the election season, Donald Trump has heard nothing but complaints from people about how he wasn’t qualified to be President. These people have also been upset when the results came out that Trump won there were many people that were extremely upset that Trump had won. I personally was not thrilled to hear that Trump was elected but I accepted the result. Since Trump has been in office he has put out some executive orders that put restrictions on some immigration to certain terrorist corrupted countries. Many people misunderstand the actual policy of the orders. First of all the order is not a ban on any certain religious group. I personally have heard many people say that Trump is just putting this ban up to keep Muslims out of the United States but that isn’t true. The media has made it seem that Trump is the “Big Bad Wolf” but instead he’s acting more like the pig that built his house out of bricks. This ban on immigration is not an uncommon action by a president. In 2011 President Obama put a ban on immigration from Iraq but since the media wasn’t going to say anything about Obama being racist or if he hated a certain religion. Trump was made the enemy before he ever took office and that shines a negative light on him as president but it also shines a light that shows that our country isn’t as accepting as we thought we were. We as Americans like to pride ourselves on being a country that accepts all people yet we don’t accept the one man that we elected to lead our country. I also want to say that I did not vote for Trump but I don’t want to see this country tear itself apart because we are scared that we voted a president that people claimed would tear itself apart. Now as Americans we need to come together and try to fix a country that is one of its own worst enemies.


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