Diversity in Political Ideas

It goes without saying that many individuals were disheartened and angry when Donald Trump was chosen to be the incumbent president in November, myself included. As a woman and a scientist, the prospect that all the progress we as a society had made in recent decades could disappear in the blink of an eye was entirely frightening. The instance of such an event happened just hours after newfound President Trump gave his inaugural address: all occurrences of the words “climate change” were wiped away from government run websites. As I soon found out, this action made many others like me around the country incredibly upset, causing them to call out not only the Trump administration, but those who voted him into office.

However, while I found Trump’s act of deleting climate change entirely upsetting, my thoughts of anger were directed solely at Trump and his advisers, never those who voted for him.

The actions taken by those who were upset by Trump to reprimand and verbally abuse those who voted for him were, in my opinion, stooping to Trump’s level. Name calling will not change the minds of others. Maltreatment will not change the results of an election. And quite frankly, how can any individual become upset by the practices of another when they themselves turn and commit the same discrepancy, albeit in a slightly different form?

In a world where any thought that doesn’t match up with your own is considered reason for dismissal, the idea of attracting more flies with honey than with vinegar is one that we all seem to have forgotten. In my opinion, the best way to overcome the tension in our society today is through accepting diversity in all forms, part of which comes through diversity of ideas and backgrounds. While acceptance does not equate to agreement, it allows us to disagree respectfully, which is a skill we could all do better to exhibit.



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