Diversity and the Doctor

As we delve further into season two of Doctor Who, we are becoming more familiar with the tenth doctor played by David Tennant. This doctor follows the same trend of being a white male with a female companion, Rose.

Just as we debated the idea of having a female doctor in class, there are discussions in the internet world as well. According to debate.org, 34 percent of people say there should be a female doctor, while 66 percent say no.

For those who say yes, their main argument behind their reasoning consists of the humor of the formerly male doctor realizing he has changed into a woman. Others argue that we live in a society where we are constantly bombarded by sexist and heavy male advertising, TV and radio. Therefore, by having a female doctor, the TV series would be encouraging women to attain positions of leadership and power.

On the other side of the spectrum, those who said no argued that the issue of a female doctor has nothing to do with male superiority, but rather preserving who the doctor actually is as a character. Having a male doctor does not contribute to sexism considering that he does not carry any weapons, have a warship, and is not completely ruthless. Therefore, his character is not portrayed as a manly super hero, but rather a compassionate man who shares the spotlight with his companions, male or female.

Personally, I agree with both sides. Having a female doctor would be interesting and could potentially change the entire feel of the show, but I also think it’s important to preserve the show and characters as they are. Too many changes, major or subtle, in any show can be a huge risk which most directors aren’t willing to take. I believe that having a male doctor and female companion creates an effective balance between the action, romance, and drama within the series. While it is possible to maintain this balance with switched roles, a female doctor and male companion, most viewers are already comfortable with the characters in their current roles, as the pair work together as a dynamic duo rather than the doctor being the only hero.


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