Diversity within Wartburg

In an ever changing world Wartburg makes strides to incorporate as many students into the school as possible; no matter the location, race, religion, etc. According to http://www.wartburg.edu/diversity/, we have students from 28 states and 56 countries. This is surprising to me personally because there are twice as many countries represented at Wartburg than states. Although, this could be because students within the United States are exposed to a variety of colleges in their surrounding areas. Thus, choosing other schools rather than Wartburg. Whereas the international students do not have the ability to do this as easily.

Within the website, it also says that students of color make up 19% of the student body. While the website does not give a clear definition to races that fall into the term “of color”, I am still surprised at how low this number is. I am surprised by this statistic because by viewing and being on campus for almost two years now, I feel as if this number would have been higher.

Along with these statistics, Wartburg College represents 25+ Christian denominations. Additionally, the college represents eight world religions. This is relatively diverse for a Lutheran college. In today’s society, I have a hard time believing that a majority of students decide on a college strictly in regards to the college’s main denomination. Wartburg also works with students of other religions when it comes to required religion courses. While most students take RE 101, which focuses on the bible in a general sense. They also offer a world religions course which accommodates for those students. I took RE 101 this past fall semester and found the course very interesting. From a religion aspect Wartburg does well in including world religions.

While Wartburg has a small student population, we have a surprising representation of the world population. Religiously, racially, and geographically Wartburg makes strides to be diverse in all of these categories. I am lucky to have the opportunity to be exposed to such a diverse student body.


One thought on “Diversity within Wartburg”

  1. I think diversity is something that is unique about this college. Although Wartburg is a small school in a small town, all of that did not stop this college from being different in terms of diversity.


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