Regeneration Who



Being new to Doctor Who, I had no idea what to expect. The first few episodes I thought to myself that there was no way I was ever going to get into this show. However, the more that I watch of it, the more fascinating it becomes.

I can’t help but be amazed/confused/skeptical of this whole regeneration process. When we were first talking about the process in class, I was very confused. I wondered how they could change characters and blend it into what they had already created during the episodes. But after watching it now, let me tell you, they definitely pulled it off.

Just when I was getting used to the Ninth Doctor, it was almost as the creators knew and would not let it continue any further. This is when we saw the Doctor save Rose with a kiss, transferring the harmful cells from her body to his, causing him to regenerate. Then, we get a first glimpse at the Tenth Doctor.

The Tenth Doctor took a bit to get used to. I found myself hating him at first, only wanting to see Doctor Nine back. However, when I see the Tenth Doctor interact with Rose the same, have the same characteristics as the other, and know lots of information from his past, is when I start to become okay with it. I believe that this is why the doctors do not have names, and only go by the generic name, Doctor. It is a way to have different branches of the same person, but in the end, he is one person.

Regeneration is also a great way to keep the audience amused. By constantly changing the Doctor, everyone will always be on the edge of their seat wondering when the next Doctor will make his appearance. I cannot wait for future episodes and Doctor Eleven.



One thought on “Regeneration Who”

  1. I had never seen Doctor Who before this class either and I was curious to see how the regeneration worked. I also was not happy with the Tenth Doctor when I first met him, but he has grown on me and I enjoy watching his episodes now. However, I am not excited about the Eleventh Doctor like you are. I get attached to characters and hate to see them go. I was like that with the Ninth Doctor and I’m sure I will be like that with the Tenth. But I feel that once I get used to the Eleventh Doctor, he will grow on me just like the Tenth did.


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