Cultural Diversity & The Amish

Coming from Illinois I had very little exposure to the Amish people. Here in Iowa, I noticed them a lot more. Since the horse auction is here in town it is easy to notice the overwhelming amount of them. I knew very little about their culture but I knew they lived a lifestyle very different than ours, so I decided to do some research on them.

     Unlike our culture, their lives aren’t surrounded by technology. That’s something that our culture couldn’t live without, most people can’t go five minutes without their phones. Take a minute to think about how many TV’s are in your house, it’s most likely more than the actual number of people in the house. They don’t completely reject all technology, they selectively use technology, choosing the ones that help them serve their community. The rules for what they can use are greatly determined by church. In general, the Amish accept some new technology such as chain saws and inline skates, and reject computers, televisions, and cellphones.

     Another thing they do is called Rumspringa, this allows the youth usually around the age of 16 to go out and experience the American culture. They have the choice to come back to the Amish lifestyle, or to stay.

      The lifestyle they live is completely different than what we live. We like to pride ourselves on being different and not the same as others, While the Amish dress similar and live a very similar lifestyle. If they don’t follow the rules that are set by the community they are shunned. I’m not sure if I could make it in their culture, but I definitely find them very interesting.


One thought on “Cultural Diversity & The Amish”

  1. I also don’t know much about the Amish beyond the stereotypes we hear. I didn’t know about Rumspringa, I think that is very interesting because unlike most religions/lifestlyes it almost encourages you to explore other options. That being said I think the only way to live that lifestyle is to be completely sure that you want to live like that and I believe Rumspringa offers that commitment.


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