Doctor vs Doctor


Since I have recently met the tenth doctor, I decided that I would share my thoughts on which doctor I like more. I have only watched the reboot of Doctor Who, so my views of The Doctor are based solely on the ninth and tenth doctors. Because of this I see the ninth doctor as the “cool doctor” and the tenth doctor as the “goofy doctor.” I base this opinion off of what the two doctors wear and how I see their personalities through their actions. The ninth doctor wears a leather jacket with jeans, and I see this as him trying to come across as “cool” to the audience. The tenth doctor wears a suit with tennis shoes which is why I see him as goofy. I also think the ninth doctor has a more serious expression most of the time, while the tenth doctor seems to be more easy-going. While the ninth doctor also has his goofy moments, I feel that he is overall more serious than the tenth doctor.

Image result for ninth and tenth doctor        Image result for  tenth doctor goofy

The main reason I like the ninth doctor more than the tenth doctor is the way he treats the aliens that appear in the show.  Both doctors are compassionate towards the aliens, but I feel that the ninth doctor takes things a lot more seriously than the tenth doctor, based on what I have seen so far. He shows that he truly cares and understands more than others do. An example of this is in the episode “Aliens of London” when they are trying to catch he fake alien. I think the ninth doctor has a very good balance of assertiveness and compassion and therefore why I like him more than the tenth doctor.


I will leave you with some quotes that will further help explain why I would choose the ninth doctor over the tenth doctor.



2 thoughts on “Doctor vs Doctor”

  1. Sometimes, I think people become attached to the doctor they see first and perhaps that is what has happened here. For me, as I watch each show I become attached to the doctor that is currently on the show. Whenever a new one comes around I tend to reject them at first and then grow fonder to them as time goes on. I hope you find this to be true for yourself because I quite enjoy the tenth doctor. I think he is more assertive and takes control of the situations better with his strategizing and quick analysis of the situation at hand.


  2. It’s interesting to hear things from a different perspective. In my opinion, rewatching the show for this class only confirmed the idea I had about the tenth doctor: he is an extremely deep, serious, and sad at his core. Especially after watching Doomsday last weekend, it felt like I was left with a hold in my chest. Without watching much of the classical who, I can only imagine how much goodbyes he had to say, in the previous 900 years of his life. With all of that in mind, the perky cheerful personality suddenly become an act, a coping mechanism that the 10th Doctor uses to deal with the losses he had to endure. Maybe as the show develop, you’ll see more character development and get to know him more. 🙂


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