Stuck in our Ways

In the episode “Dalek” the scene where Rose took the Dalek outside really stood out to me. We saw the Dalek make a huge change throughout the episode. At the beginning of the episode, the Dalek wanted to “exterminate” every human it could find, and while it kept this mentality through most of the episode, it could not kill Rose at the end because of the sympathy she had showed it earlier in the episode. Once the Dalek realized how much it had changed, it told Rose to order it to kill itself. This stood out to me so much because I was very surprised that the Dalek would rather be dead than change it’s personality and ideals. I was also a little surprised that Rose listened to the Dalek because, while she does like to help others, she does not like others to die. Because of these two aspects of her personality, I could have seen her decision going either way, but I expected her to tell the Dalek to live.


While this example is a little extreme, it shows that people are afraid of change and would go to extreme measures to avoid it. I believe that they had to make this so extreme in the episode because if it was not, it would not be noticed as much and therefore would not get the point across that they wanted to make. I feel that many people in our society today go to extreme measure to try to avoid change in our lives instead of learning to accept it. Throughout history there are many examples of people trying to avoid diversity and change, and it usually does not end too well just as it did not end well from the Dalek. I think we should learn from this Dalek and from the mistakes made in the past and embrace diversity and change instead of trying to avoid it.


One thought on “Stuck in our Ways”

  1. Hello, I loved your article as you related the show to real life problems in the world. As a Doctor Who fan, rewatching this episode was specially moving. After knowing how much of a coldblooded killer the Daleks can be, and then to come back and see Rose treating them as if they’re just another alien that’s in distress. While Rose is showing compassion, the strong hatred coming from the Doctor is specially appalling under the comparison.


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