The Tenth Doctor

A lot of people still seem to be having some mixed feelings about David Tennant being the new Doctor. I totally understand that and I did for a while too when I first watched the show, but I can promise you it will only get better from here. So because David Tennant is actually a really cool human being, and I actually have no clue what to write about, I wanted to talk about some of the reasons why David Tennant is actually awesome and makes a great 10th Doctor.

"David Tennant used to get in trouble at school because al his essays were Doctor Who fan fiction.":

First off, he has been a huge Doctor Who fan his whole life, his favorite Doctor is Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor. It was actually his childhood dream to play the Doctor. He is also Scottish, and while he does speak with an “Estuary English” accent, he has gone on record saying that he does not mind. He was very happy to get to use his own accent in part of the episode Tooth and Claw though.

Fanboy Crash Course : Fanboys bottle their feels. They do not cry over a sad moment, death etc....UNTIL EVENTUALLY HR GLASS SHATTERS AND WE'RE A TOTAL MESS AND WE CALL OUR BOOK "MY PRECIOUS":

He seems to be a child at heart too. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and I swear every time I look at it there is a new picture of David Tennant doing something weird and/ or funny. I think that he is probably as much of a normal person as he can be too.

David Tennant - wanted to be the Doctor and succeeded. Also married the 5th Doctor's daughter. That's a dedicated fan.:

Lastly, Tennant married Georgia Moffett on December 30, 2011, after they had co-starred together in the Doctor Who episode The Doctor’s Daughter. Coincidentally enough, Georgia Moffett is actually the daughter of Peter Davidson who played the fifth regeneration of the Doctor. Tennant and Moffett have four children together, one of which is Moffett’s from a past relationship that Tennant adopted. Other than that, we do not really know too much about Tennant’s personal life, he keeps it pretty private.

David Tennant. Not to mention the time that he "fakes" a Scottish accent at one point:


2 thoughts on “The Tenth Doctor”

  1. The pictures in this blog post basically sum up my feelings about the doctor as well. I find it astonishing that he can play a character so well that he is basically enamored with himself. Do you think he is ever thinking about himself as a child dreaming of playing the part while he is playing the part? What a crazy feeling I’m sure.


  2. When I first started watching the episodes with Tennant as the Doctor, I was not a huge fan because I really liked Eccleston as the Doctor. As the show has gone on however, Tennant has grown on me a lot and I really like the personality he brings to the Doctor. He is fun most of the time, but brings a lot of other emotions in as well. We see him serious, lonely, and angry, which I think has helped me see how good he is at being the Doctor.


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