The New Companion

Martha Jones is introduced in the 2007 series of Doctor Who, Martha is the replacement of  Rose. But the thing about Martha that is different is she’s black. This is Doctor Who’s first black companion. She first appears in Smith and Jones, When the hospital she works at is teleported to the moon medical student Martha helps save the day alongside an alien time traveler known only as the doctor. I think that having a doctor is has a different race was a big step. No only does it expend the audience but it also shows how Doctor Who understands the lack of diversity that it is known for, so they decided to make a change. 

 I think that is a positive change because we never really seen a main role of a person of color in doctor who, just little parts. So now that we see a main role played by an African American woman I believe that it grabs the attention of more people. but the changed may not be good for everyone. the original doctor who fans may not appreciate the change because they are so use to the companion being white. But it also may be original fans they may like the things because they wanted more diversity in the show.

As we continue to watch doctor who from beginning episodes to the later ones we definitely began to see more diversity. So I think that having a black companion is a big step to something even bigger, maybe even a doctor of color? With Martha we see a strong companion who is trying to replace the place of rose. In early episodes like Shakespeare Code when the doctor and Martha goes back in time, no one really pays attention to the color of skin. I believ that was a statement, showing that we shouldn’t pay attention to things like that.


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