Generation Gaps

Generation gaps is an issue that has increased in the technology era. In the past, father and son had many things in common. For example, they might share the same job and the same level of education as well. At the time, generation gaps was not a noticeable issue. Families were settled down and have less social issue. While this was not an issue in the last century, generation gaps in an issue that increasing rapidly in the technology era.

Generation gaps can be addressed in many ways. Social media usage is one of the most common in the technology era. Teens have more desire to use social media than their parents. For instance, most teens use Snapchat and their parents do not. This is one example of generation gaps that is making teens and their parents have a weak relationship.

Another generation gap is games. Games used to be more outdoor in the past. This is no longer popular among teens in this century. Teens are more into video games, which was not popular within their parents’ generation. In the past, teens go outside to play soccer, for example. Now, however, they usually stay indoors in front of the screen for hours.
Education is another generation gap in the century. In the past, people were not required to get a degree higher than High School. It was socially accepted to have a good life with a High School degree. This has changed in the technology era. The High School degree would give people the same job as their parents. This is a fast change the societies are facing. It does not look like it is going anytime soon.

In conclusion, generation gaps is in issue that is inevitable in the technology era. Social media, games, and education are some example of generation gaps. Parents might want to consider having more common things with their children to make this gap smaller.


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