Blink Review

After having watched “Blink” for a second time I’m not quite sure why I didn’t appreciate this episode so much when I watched it a few years ago. “Blink” is, I believe, the only episode where the Doctor doesn’t take center stage for the whole episode, and I actually really enjoy that. I also think that Sally Sparrow is very under appreciated in the Doctor Who universe.

The episode starts with Sally going into an old abandoned house to take pictures of it when some weird stuff starts to happen. The next day she comes back with her best friend Kathy. A man comes to the door with a letter addressed to Sally, he explains that his grandmother made him promise to bring the letter to that house at that exact time. The letter appeared to be from Kathy saying that she went back in time and lived out her remaining years in the past. (I would really like to have seen a little more insight to Kathy’s life in the past because I still can’t get over the fact that she didn’t seem to question what happened to her too much, she just moved on with her life, and I would really like to get more of a story on this). After reading the letter she thinks Kathy is playing a cruel joke on her, goes to find her, but finds that Kathy is missing. Sally continued her investigation into what was happening at Wester Drumlins with the help of Kathy’s brother. They use “Easter eggs” found on 17 DVDs to almost make contact with the Doctor and eventually help him and Martha out of 1969.

I feel like this episode has a very put together plotline that would make sense even to people who have never watched Doctor Who before. I also believe that Sally is severely under appreciated because She did so much to help the Doctor but she never seems to get any recognition in future episodes or by very much of the Doctor Who fandom. I think that Sally was a wonderful character and should be brought back in another episode about the weeping angels.


3 thoughts on “Blink Review”

  1. I agree with a lot of what you said in this post. I like that the Doctor plays more of a side roll and we get to see what it is like from another person’s point of view. Sally is a very good character and does a lot of really important things for the Doctor without a lot of help from him. I like her better than some of the companions, like Martha and Donna, and I think she does a lot better job than they do. She does not need a lot of direction from the Doctor to figure out what she is supposed to do, even though she wishes she had more information. They should definitely bring back Sally!


    1. I also agree, and it was very interesting to see how time travel affects other regular people who cannot perform time travel. Before this class, I had never seen Doctor Who before and, once I learned he is a time traveller, this episode is exactly what I expected the show to be like and is therefore one of my favorites. Do you remember what reasoning you had for previously disliking the episode? It is a very different style than other episodes so I can understand how this particular one would place a gap in the current theme/feel of the show.


      1. Blink was one of favorite episodes, it had a good story line and it also had mystery. It wasn’t really about the doctor which was very interesting. The way that the story came together was amazing.


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