The Death of a Facist

In recent news, the brother of the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un was killed by a nerve agent that is banned by international law. North Korea was the only country to not sign the treaty that this toxin was banned in.

Experts have said that this nerve toxin must have been made in a highly advanced lab since it is so dangerous and complex. Experts have said that if a person were to try and make it in a home kitchen they would kill themselves with the agent.

The way that this happened is ironic and almost funny. The way that this happened is eerily similar to the comedy movie The Interview where two seemingly dumb Hollywood guys were supposed to go into North Korea and kill Kim Jong-Un with a nerve agent that sounds similar to the one that killed his half-brother. I do find it somewhat funny how that happened. Also when the movie The Interview was coming out there was much controversy about how North Korea allegedly hacked the studio to try and prevent the movie from going to theaters. Now, this might be just a huge conspiracy theory but there might be some kind of threat that some country in the world might be sending to North Korea about how people might plan on killing the fascist leader.

Killing Kim Jong-Un would not be the worst thing that could happen to North Korea. Since he is a leader that forces the way his people think and act. He is a terrible man and he tries to take away the individuality of his people and force them to believe lies about who he is and how he and his family are Gods among humans. If the people don’t comply with these crazy beliefs they are put into work camps or killed.


3 thoughts on “The Death of a Facist”

  1. I see your point on how this could be some sort of warning. Do you think that this was from another country or perhaps the leader of North Korea sending a message to his people about his control?


    1. Totally understand, but if the brother was working on a nuclear object, shouldn’t we be afraid as well? this situation raises a lot of questions of possible outcomes of the future.


  2. OMG! I totally forgot about the Interview!!! Its horrible that he probably killed his half brother. However i totally agree that the similarities to the Interview make it somewhat hilarious and scary at the same time. If Kim did do this it is very troubling and makes me wonder how long it takes till he takes the next step and does something that starts a war.


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