The Hosts

In the Doctor Who episode “Voyage of the Damned”, the Doctor encounters quite a few diverse characters. One group in particular is a walking contradiction that uproots the conventional perception of the character. The angels in this episode otherwise known as the Hosts are information centers that turn ramped. Now this is an ironic situation because generally angels are viewed as peaceful entities with the aim of bringing good news to the people. However, these host’s goal is to kill every passenger and crew member on the ship. In some ways, you can take this as a valuable life lesson. One should not judge a book by its cover. After all the stories we are told, we should still come to our own conclusions about the world around us and create our own perspective of the universe.  On the other hand, this can be viewed as a tragic misrepresentation of a peaceful being. While both sides have some logic to them, I will let you decide which point of view to hold. On another note, these angels still abide by rules and regulations that were encoded into their systems before they went rogue. When the Doctor presents them with a question, they are still obligated to provide accurate information to help him with his concern. This shows that these creatures are just like all of us and still follow the habitual routines we have always known. Furthermore, this could also indicate the representation of a higher power in the chain of command hindering them from fulfilling their order to kill. This could be an allegory to the idea of a god like being controlling the Hosts. Overall, I think that there are many hidden messages throughout Doctor Who that link each story to the idea of a higher power and the representations of these forces. I would encourage everyone to look a little harder the next time they watch Doctor Who and try to find some of these resemblances.


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