Doctor Who: Diversity behind the scenes

While Doctor Who is not necessarily one of my favorite shows, I do have an appreciation of its diversity behind the scenes. Each episode, while following the general style and theme of the overall show, is written by a different author and therefore tells a different story. Rather than viewing each episode as a section of a full story, I view them as completely separate stories linked together by the same characters.

For example, as we continue watching the series, there are often drastic but effective varieties between the episodes. Some episodes, such as “The Impossible Planet” in season 2 revolve around a very scientific plot. In this specific episode, they focus on the science of black holes and energy in space. Other episodes, such as “Gridlock” focus more on the sci-fi and future gadgets such as flying cars, robots, strange creatures on Earth, etc. Then, you get episodes like “Blink” that are seemingly in the present and focus on the effects of time travel.

Such diversity within the plot of each episode is only made possible by having different authors for each episode. We have all watched a regular T.V. which is always written by the same person/people and oftentimes the episodes can arrive to be very repetitive. And boring.

With such diverse episodes, Doctor Who is perfectly equipped to reach out to a broad range of people, and keep them on their toes. Personally, I’m not a science person and I greatly dislike the episodes which revolve around science. Then, I am drawn back in by those that mainly incorporate time travel and the conflicts the characters come across when trying to maintain/restore balance to the world.


One thought on “Doctor Who: Diversity behind the scenes”

  1. I’m glad someone else appreciates the lengths Doctor Who goes to to feature different writers for their stories. Story-writing is a hugely underrated aspect of cinema, and can often times be overshadowed by action set pieces and acting. While I think this is a characteristic that should be praised, I think the fact that Doctor Who is so wacky lends itself to a variety of different genres of story telling. The nature of the Doctor is conducive to a myriad of writing styles.


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