The Doctor In A New Light

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After watching Voyage of the Damned, I thought it was one of the best episodes we have watched so far. It was very unique in that the Doctor was left for a mission on his own without a companion. However, the more that I break down the episode, it makes me have a new realization with the show.

I feel like everyone in the episodes are so aw-struck with the Doctor. They think that he is a genius and a hero all wrapped up into one. Sure the Doctor may be smart & all, but can he really be that much higher up than the other people? In this episode we saw the Doctor on the Titanic in the sky. He was with no companion, and needed to figure out what was going on by himself. However, we see the Doctor pull together a team of people who were on the ship. This disappointed me a little because I want to see what the Doctor is capable of doing by himself.

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This is when Astrid comes into play. She was left alone with no family & no job so she asked to be the Doctor’s new companion. The Doctor accepted her about halfway in the show, before all the action took place. Even though she wasn’t really his ‘companion’ I believe she was his companion for this episode. We saw later, the Doctor get tied up and it was Astrid who risked her life to save the Doctor. He could not have completed this mission without her.

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Even though I really liked this episode, I thought they could have done a much better job at portraying the Doctor in a light of his own. I want to see what he is capable of. But then again, it also makes me wonder if the Doctor does in fact, need help. And he isn’t as powerful as everyone thinks he is.

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One thought on “The Doctor In A New Light”

  1. This episode definitely was different, for example like you pointed out he kind of assembled a team rather than the normal which is just him and his companion. It was also interesting the team to because it was very diverse with no two characters being similar. I was upset however when they killed off Astrid, I really liked her in the episode and wish they would have kept her on even though I see the relevance of killing her off.


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