Favorite Vid

Here is a link to my favorite Vid that I have seen. The tenth doctor is my favorite doctor because of his personality. His charm and looks are a big factor but also his friendly, upbeat personality. I also very much enjoy Amy as a companion. In this Vid they show a lot of the two of them but the message that the author is trying to portray is a theme throughout all of Doctor Who. The doctor is always running, but his reasons go deeper than the aliens chasing him. He is scared to lose the ones he loves. He sees everyone around him fading from his life. I picture it almost like he is the hourglass and all of his friends are the sand slipping through his fingers. It also eludes to all of the secrets he must keep. The suffering and pain he endures is to keep those around him safe. He is trying desperately to hold on to them but he knows that in the end they will all eventually fade.


Here is a close second on my favorite video! I think this one has a happier note and I really appreciate the combination of multiple doctors to exemplify his valor.


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