Diversity of Tattoos


When it comes to tattoos we see many different varieties, sometimes you see someone covered head to toe with tattoos, others may have some that you may not even know they have. But either way when people get tattoos it’s a way of expressing themselves, different tattoos, and tattoo styles have different meanings. I will talk about some different styles of tattoos and some of the meanings behind them, and also the difficulty that comes with getting them.


 Many people have probably heard of tribal tattoos, it is very common to find someone who has one, it’s actually accounts for 1/3rd of all tattoos in the United States. The idea of tribal tattoos go all the way back to the very beginning of the tattoo era, before electric machines. Tribal tattoos were originally used to identify and group tribes, clans and families together. Not only did this enable you to easily identify one another, or recognize distant relatives, but it was generally believed that your tattoos would allow you to find your tribe and join it again in the afterlife.


Another very common tattoo is the lion. The lion symbolizes many things, the most common are strength, courage and protection.


Lastly many people have a tattoo that represent a belief, whether it’s a bible verse or a zodiac sign. Many people see it as a reminder of their belief and a way of expressing themselves.


Finally, many times if someone has tattoos the person is judged for it. Not the usual “will you still enjoy it when you’re 80” argument. I’m talking about the people who believe people with tattoos are bad people. Most of the time people with tattoos are just as nice, if not nicer than people who have tattoos.



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