Diversity In Education

In high school, around your junior or senior you you might begin your college search. Part of this search includes a number of options as to what might appeal to you. Some of these options include the type of education you are wanting as well as the location of the school and even the size of the campus. Wartburg college has a little over 1,500 students, while other places like the University of Iowa have around 25,000 students. Looking at these numbers there is a noticeable difference, but what isn’t noticed is who these students are at each school.

Looking around my classes and walking across campus, it is noticeable that there are different ages, genders, races, majors and many other diverse aspects to this campus. The same can be said for the larger universities. The difference between the two comes down to just numbers. Whether there are 40 people in your accounting class or 400, there is a distinct group of those with an accounting major. The same can be said for all other classes and majors. Although there are many educational differences like classes being taken, education must have these differences to make the world work. We need people who are good with numbers, and people who understand why our environment works the way it does. Without diversity in education, we would all be studying the same thing and advancements and creativity would not be what it is today. It is important to find the positive in educational diversity through interests, friends and other extracurriculars.


2 thoughts on “Diversity In Education”

  1. I agree with you that diversity in education is important. There are many different aspects to the world we live in and it is important to have experts in all of these fields. Along with diversity in fields of education, I also believe it is important to have diversity among the students and teachers. We can learn a lot from the people around us and it is interesting to learn about other people’s cultures. We can all see things differently and it is important to listen to the ways everyone can see things.


  2. I like your approach to diversity. I think it is different that the way I see diversity. Another aspect of diversity might be the number of clubs we have here at Wartburg. Although Wartburg is a small school, it has more than 60 clubs. Those clubs are diversity. We have almost club for ever interest on campus. That tells us that the small number of students does not mean that the school is not divers, it tell the opposite instead.


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