Diversity on Television

Diversity is everywhere. Most people witness or experience it everyday even if they are not aware of it. Therefore it is no surprise that diversity is often present on television shows. I believe it is very important that all television shows present diversity to their viewers, for two main reasons.

The first reason is that I believe a television show should represent the society it is set in fairly. Diversity of some form is present in all places and societies, although admittedly in some much more than others. Therefore, assuming a show is about human beings in some sense, which most TV shows are, it should contain a certain amount of diversity. Obviously the range of diversity expected in certain shows varies as the range of diversity in different times and places varies. In the case of “Doctor Who” the more recent episodes should, and do, contain a larger range of diversity than the early episodes of the show. This makes sense because Britain in the present day is  country with a huge amount of racial, cultural and religious diversity, much more than it was in the early days of Doctor Who, and it should be expected that the modern episodes present a fair reflection of modern Britain.

The second reason that I believe diversity should be present in television shows is that I see diversity as a positive thing. People are able to learn more in a diverse environment and if people are unwilling or unable to expose themselves to new cultures, viewing interactions of diversity on television shows would hopefully give them a more diverse perspective and encourage them to embrace diversity in real life.


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