Gender Diversity

As this class continues, I am learning to look at Dr Who episodes in a different way than I had originally started. It was a show I could not see the possibility of immersing myself into and thought I would not find it as interesting as I do now.

Throughout each episode, though quite strangely, I am able to pick up on small pieces that demonstrate diversity. Whether it be through male versus female roles or even by race and ethnicity, I think as the show progresses with time, diversity evolves with it. A topic that was brought up in class was the idea of a female doctor. I personally think it would be very cool to see a female lead as the doctor. It was clear to me that most of the people who are more knowledgeable to the show tend to lean towards the opinion of wanting the doctor role to stay as a male role. Today’s generation is a wonderful example of why I think my opinion is what it is. Growing up, I was always told that girls can do anything boys can do and with that seed planted in my brain, I am able to look at that lead role as female and male. In certain scenarios I think a male lead would be better, but as for the newer and most recent episodes I think a female doctor role would appeal to more viewers in a good way.

I think male versus female roles demonstrates diversity in this show quite well. It was one of the first things I picked up on when starting to watch Dr Who and it has stuck with me ever since. Although all of the doctors have been played by a male role, I think the female roles have become stronger with time.


3 thoughts on “Gender Diversity”

  1. I strongly agree with this. When I think of what the Doctor would be like if written and acted by a woman, I think of Hermoine Granger from the Harry Potter films. A good writer and the correct actress in the role could add depth to the show and make the transition seamless. With Moffat and Capaldi both leaving the show, there has never been a better time for the show to take the leap of faith and give the role of the Doctor to a woman.


  2. I do agree with you that female roles have become stronger and that it would be cool to see a female doctor. However, I do not think I would like a female doctor that much. I think it would almost make the Doctor seem out of character. We have also seen River regenerate a few times, and she has always been a girl. Because of this I think it brings more reason to why the Doctor should stay a male character.


  3. I can that diversity in gender is well played in Doctor Who. For a show that started in England to the rest of the world, it show diversity of the country. I do agree that the roles of females have become stronger as the show goes on. I am wondering if they might consider have a female Doctor in the future.


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