Vincent and the Doctor

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I will be the first to admit that I was not happy when the 10th Doctor regenerated into the 11th Doctor. I loved David Tennant and thought he did an excellent job at portraying his emotions. I think what also did not help is that no companion carried over, and they also rebooted the TARDIS. It felt like a completely new show. However, as it goes on, I start to like it more.

I think the episode Vincent and the Doctor was the episode that really convinced me that I really like the new Doctor. I think everyone knows Van Gough or has at least heard of him since his artwork is very popular today. I think because I am somewhat knowledgeable of it, it is why I really liked this episode as well. I thought it was also very unique that they went back in time to specifically help someone. I, as well really liked how they brought Vincent to the present day time to show him how important he will soon be. When the curator tells the Doctor that Van Gough “was the greatest painter of them all” and was “one of the greatest men who ever lived” like come on, after seeing Van Gough’s reaction to that, has to tear at your emotions a little. I also thought this was very unique since we have not seen this type of situation happen before. I felt more of an emotional tie to this episode that I have not experienced yet.

This was a lovely episode, and I totally cried: Doctor Who season 5 episode 4: Vincent and the Doctor:


3 thoughts on “Vincent and the Doctor”

  1. I agree with Tennant and the regeneration, but I understand that it was something that had to happen eventually. I personally am still yet to be convinced by Smith yet. I think this episode is heavily carried by the actor who portrays van Gogh; the gravitas with which he performs the final scene in the French museum is one of the strongest performances I’ve seen in Doctor Who thus far. I think that great performances from supporting actors are too often pushed to the side, and this is another example of this.


  2. I absolutely love this episode. I remember watching this episode when it first aired and every time I see it I still tear up. This episode, to me, is what Doctor Who is all about, it’s not about fighting the monsters on the outside (although there is plenty of that) it is about helping other fight the monsters on the inside, building friendships, and living.


  3. I loved this episode of Doctor Who! It had action with the monster that only Vincent could see, but to me it was all about helping a sad man be as happy as he could be. This was an episode that made me sad, but also made me feel good at the same time. It was so nice to see the Doctor do something so helpful for a man who seemed to have no hope. If the Doctor hadn’t taken Vincent to the future to the museum, he may not have made it as long as he did. Amy was upset that he still killed himself, but for all she knows, she helped him make it as long as he did. I agree with you that this is a great episode and it definitely tore at my emotions!


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