Diversity of religions

Religious diversity is arguably one of the main types of diversity across the world, in that it can be linked to nationality and culture. There are a huge number of religions across the world and in this country alone, some of which are similar to each other while others are dramatically different. While there is diversity amongst religions, it should also be noted that there is diversity within religions. For example, many major religions such as Christianity, Buddhism and Islam have different denominations within themselves. Religions also contain diversity in that a religious group will often contain followers of different ages, races, nationalities, genders and socio-economic backgrounds.

Religious diversity, like many other types of diversity, is often very beneficial as it gives people a chance to learn from those unlike themselves, and to see the world through a different perspective. However, differences in religion often lead to conflict. Throughout history, differences in religious views have provided the background to war and other forms of violent conflict in countries throughout the world. It could be argued that a better understanding of diversity would have reduced these conflicts, as people may have been less likely to violently disagree if they had embraced diversity instead of seeing it as a conflict point.


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