The Comeback Sauce

Since the comeback of one of my favorite TV shows Rick and Morty there has been a huge uproar in its fan community since there was a bit in the show that featured a former promotional sauce that was put out by McDonalds. This sauce was promoting the movie Mulan back in the 90’s. The sauce was terriaky sauce that represented the Chinese impact on American culture called Szechuan. Now since the show featured the sauce McDonalds has been looking into bringing the sauce back soon. We could speculate that they are going to bring the sauce back with the remake of the Mulan movie coming out next year. This Mulan movie coming out next year is just the next in what has been a long line of Hollywood movies that are remakes of old Disney movies. The movie is a great vision of a strong willed Chinese women who shows that she is just as compitent as her male counterparts. This movie came out in the 90’s but it relates more in our society today even though women of our country do work hard for equality even though it is very tough today. For example the wage gap in this country is large between men and women but there is hope with the progressive mindset of the millenials nowadays where we could all live in a truely equal society.


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