River Song

I have always felt an attachment to River Song. Everything about her is enticing to me. From her hair to her eyes, her smile, and most of all her personality. River’s personality is in my mind the most spunky, entertaining character I have seen in a long time on the show, besides Jack Harkness. I absolutely love how she harnesses every situation she encounters and influences them in the direction she would like them to go in. She always has this charisma about her that makes her a very good leader. I am also intrigued by the way she interacts with the Doctor and how they are meeting each other in the reverse direction. Every time River wants the Doctor to show up somewhere, she will leave him a message saying, “Hello Sweetie” and he just shows up where she needs him. The first time that the Doctor met River, she knew everything about him and he had no idea who he was. We just watched the episode “Let’s Kill Hitler”, and River met the Doctor for the first time. This idea is still hard to grasp because that means that that moment was the last time that the doctor will ever see River, but we know that River kills the Doctor at some point in her life. The amount of sheer thought that goes into creating these episodes. I have trouble wrapping my head around the idea that the Doctor, Amy, and Rory all knew River long before they knew who she was. River must have known that they would soon find out who she really was, but she had to keep it a secret of who she was so they would not be freaked out before the time was right. I cannot wait until the entire story is revealed to viewers.


3 thoughts on “River Song”

  1. It’s interesting to read about why you admire River so much since she has always been one of my least favorite characters. I completely respect your opinion though. Just because I don’t connect with a certain aspect of a show doesn’t mean that someone else won’t. It is a perfect example of how there is something for everyone in a show.


  2. I think it’s confusing how the River Song arc is written. I found her wedding with the Doctor made very little sense, and in general their “love” made little sense. I think that the premise of her existence is interesting, but the way it is written isn’t effective. It is understood that the Doctor is in love with her, but the way in which he falls in love is through her just saying that they will be married one day. It is definitely an interesting premise, but it is executed ineffectively in my opinion.


  3. I really like your opinion of River Song. For me however, I really liked her in the beginning. I thought her character was very interesting and brought a great aspect to the show. I think what lost it for me though was that she ended up being Rory and Amy’s daughter. That whole process left me confused. It also felt like they forced that in writing and it never fully flowed together to make sense for me. I found myself from then on, not really liking her character as much as I did in the beginning. I would agree that the way she interacts with the Doctor is very intriguing though.


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