Diversity in language

Theres no doubt that I am an international student, I am reminded of this every time I say words like “aluminium” or refer to what is know as gelo here in the US to “Jelly”. It is evident that different areas within the United States have differences too, those that basically say “rooof” and those that lack the annunciation within the word roof and sound like they’re saying ruf. Many different languages such as Portuguese and French, spread throughout Africa have a bunch of different understandings of the language, they have different dialects of the relative language.

This is an interesting topic when it comes to English, comparing the American English with the British English. The difference that occurs is that American English is seen as a completely different language, it is perceived as something that is native to America and was created by them. I find this particularly interesting, when I am surrounded by an American audience and I say words in a certain way, a way that I have been reassured is the Queen’s way of speaking English and I am called out.

The argument states that the way I am saying, and spelling certain words is “wrong”. The idea that I should adjust the way I speak, adjust the way I spell words so that I can fit the culture that I am in. So my question stands, why can’t this be seen as a different dialect of English, why is there a constant pressure to speak one way or another when it comes to English?

Its simple, pride. England and the United States. Too proud. Two supremacists over the language, two powerhouses that refuse to be associated with the other. I must be forced to adjust to the language and say things in a certain way so that I can be understood because of the pride that blocks people from opening their minds and understanding that the English language is a complicated one, without one way of speaking or learning it.


3 thoughts on “Diversity in language”

  1. Languages are with not doubt a way of diversity. But I think that the beauty here is that they are different. and yes you might need to adjust for that, but I still think that diversity is what makes this beautiful.


  2. Like mentioned above, I think thats one of best parts of language because its what makes places unique. When you’re visiting some place that says something differently I find that interesting because it adds to that places personality. In a world that is striving to become more diverse I believe limiting the diversity in languages/dialect is almost a step backwards.


  3. I am sorry you have had several negative experiences with those making fun of your dialect or flat out discrediting you because you spell certain words differently. No one should feel inferior because of something as trivial as their language or the way they talk.


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