Diversity of the Military


     Many of you are familiar with all of the branches of the military, although they may seem similar, they are actually very diverse. In this post I’ll talk about the differences of all five branches, and what makes them special.


     First off is the Air Force, it is the most recently established military branch of the five, and as you may have guessed it’s primary purpose is to help with the security of the United States through space and air.


     Secondly we have the Army. The Army is actually the oldest branch of the five, they are the ones who are the ground force, and while being the oldest branch they also are the largest of all braches.


     The third branch of the military is the Navy. The navy is in charge of defending the sea. Many people don’t know that although their main missions are involved in the water, they do have missions on land. They are also huge supporters of the Air Force, having many air craft carriers allowing the Air Force to launch planes while in the middle of the ocean.


The fourth branch of the military is the Marines, the Marines are the second smallest of the five branches, while most of their roles are considered as members of the ground force, they used to be carried by the navy as the ones who stormed beaches


The last one, and the one that usually gets overlooked is the Coast Guard, it is the smallest branch of the military and is kind of the misfit of the military. They have worked for the treasury department and even the department of homeland security.





2 thoughts on “Diversity of the Military”

  1. What about the national guard aren’t they part of the military? I’m curious and want to know more than just that they guard flooded roads.


  2. I did not know that military was just one branch, but thank you for sharing with us the diversity of military. I am wondering which one is the least common in the midwest ?


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