Fan Video


When thinking of the show Doctor Who and ways to describe it, time is one of the first words that comes to mind for myself. Each and every episode the Doctor is faced with challenges and opportunities that allow, and sometimes force him, to go to a different time in life. When I first began watching this television show, I thought it was nothing more than a character that traveled through time and experienced history, but it is so much more than that.

This fan video demonstrates who the Doctor is in relation to time traveling. Being a timelord, the Doctor lives a life where time simply does not exist. Constantly running to new and different places, he is able to create as well as change history. A huge part of his lifestyle is spent altering time for benefits of others. This video exemplifies the seriousness of his life. He must make sometimes rash decisions on what to do knowing its later effects. I think this video is also a good example of why the Doctor has the relationships he has. He must constantly be on his toes ready to help or save others.

The music and scenes chosen for this video create a very dramatic and intense emotion right off the bat. It gives you the visuals needed to see the predicaments the Doctor is faced with sometimes and what he must be feeling. Every second of this video is a build up to the choices he must make in hopes of helping those around him. The background music creates a feeling as though we are running out of time, which in some cases is exactly what is happening for the Doctor. Of all of the fan videos I have been able to watch, I felt the most engaged with this video.





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