How long-term is “culture shock”

Omnipresent. Yes, initially this idea is something that strikes you without warning in many different areas. However, if you think that a day goes by where I do not have some sort of culture shock, you are sadly mistaken.

Culture shock can happen in so many different forms, it might not be something that is a big issue, it may not change my perception, but it exists. The small things, things that you have not noticed before, they all contribute to culture shock. It is however, at least in my perspective, a way of learning.

Culture shock can be detrimental, it can have many negative effects, it can cause a rejection of a certain culture. It is important, personally at least, to keep an open mind with regards to different cultures. Everything that happens in everyday life in its own way still cause culture shock.

I am nearing the end of my second year and I can guarantee that there is always something new popping up. It may be something that wasn’t recognized before, or something that is completely new. It does not have to be a big issue either; sure, driving on the other side of the road was a pretty big one. However, it can be as small as noticing the behaviours between certain groups, it can even be as small as the taste of a certain cereal that you thought you liked.

Culture shock is a constant event, how we perceive it, understand it and accept it comes down to how open-minded we allow ourselves to be.


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