The direction of Doctor Who

The way the Doctor has been portrayed leaves the viewer with a plethora of characteristics but also allows for endless opportunities. The regeneration the Doctor has always been something that I find particularly interesting and through recent episode I have somewhat begun to understand the process. The Doctor is seen as a role model in the show, a hero to many and even as a “God” to a few. My question is, with the endless possibilities that surround the Doctor, why are we watching series after series with a straight, white Doctor.

Tradition? Right? That’s why the Doctor doesn’t seem to change much. It’s obvious that there are changes, 10 to 11 is pretty noticeable, 11 to 12 even more so, however it cannot be ignored that a simple strand remains, a straight white man always represents the Doctor. There is no doubt that this works, that this is what the fans want to see, regardless of their initial reactions, they always seem to find a way to love the Doctor.

With this in mind, why can’t the next Doctor go in any direction? If the Doctor has unlimited possibilities, why can’t these possibilities be explored? Everybody learns to love the Doctor, regardless of the speculation that brew in the early stages. With the topic of regeneration, it is possible that we have a black doctor, a doctor of different sexuality, a doctor of a different sex. These are all possibilities that can be explored. Yet, we expect the next Doctor to be a straight white man. Whitewashed? Or not wanting to stray from tradition?


2 thoughts on “The direction of Doctor Who”

  1. Very good points, in the post it sounds like in several points you aim to blame viewers for not wanting a more diverse doctor. With that being said do you feel it is the fault of the producers for sticking with what the viewers seem to like and not becoming more diverse or the fault of the viewers for not wanting a more diverse doctor?


    1. I think that your post brings up an important issue. This is exactly what I am referring to. I am unable to tell you whether or not this is a fan based issue or the issue of the producers. It is evident that thew viewers are used to a certain Doctor, the point that I am making is that I believe that with the understanding of the Doctor, the producers and viewers should know that the opportunities are endless and should thus both be ope to any sort of change that occurs.


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