13 Reasons Why

Don’t worry there are no spoilers in this write I just want to make the observation that the show goes against many different stereotypes. Now I understand that stereotyping people is not a very open minded way at looking things. But in my opinion stereotypes are not a bad thing and in most cases, there are reasons that they are there. Now we all know some of these stereotypes and I apologize in advance if anything I say could be taken as offensive. Let’s dive into what I have to say about the Netflix original show 13 reasons why. The first thing that I have to say about the show is that there are many stereotypes that are turned on their head with this show. The first thing that we see the stereotype being broken is that when you find out that the tough, almost mobster Mexican guy turns out to be gay and it throws a curveball at the audience. The next way that we are thrown into a tailspin is when we find out that one of the popular kids is going to be the valedictorian when typically we see the valedictorian being a boy or girl that is quiet who is completely focused on school work and not so much else. We also see that some of the main bullies in the school that the story is based around are some of the students that are on the school’s honor board that deals with the same situations that they had caused. I really liked the show and I thought that the crushing of some of these stereotypes is really good so maybe we can learn as a society that stereotypes don’t define us in any situations.


5 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why”

  1. I loved how you were honest in saying “stereotypes are not a bad thing and in most cases”. I agree with you. Although as a person who doesn’t quiet fit the stereotype I’m in, I still think stereotypes helps people to categorizes things. We human has only a limited capacity to our brain, categorize helps us to store more information in a very crammed space. Stereotypes helps us to understand the world faster.


  2. I agree with you that there are reasons why we have stereotypes. Stereotypes tend to make things a lot simpler and easier to comprehend. But the bad thing about stereotypes is that they only fit one type of person and usually that person doesn’t always represent that stereotype very well. I think we need shows that challenge these stereotypes so we start to realize that not everyone fits into our cookie cutter stereotypes.


  3. Yes, stereotypes can help us to understand things a lot faster, as mentioned above, very correctly. Since we are speaking of issues of diversity however, we must remember to have open minds. There is no problem in using stereotypes to learn of certain people and cultures, however being surprised or looking down upon someone who deviates from the stereotypes is incredibly harsh.


  4. this is a touchy subject for some people, but I’m glad this show was made to get a point across that all of us experience through high school and in some cases even in college. the show was great and I recommend everyone to watch it.


  5. I thought this was well written and insightful on the subject. I think this show does give an accurate representation of this topic. I feel this shows that we must not assume based on a stereotype. Everyone is going through something, big or small. It’s important to remember to not put someone down for these differences.


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