Diversity in and of politics

Politics is an area of society where diversity,  or often lack of it,  is a common discussion point.  Across the Western world the field of politics has frequently been dominated by aging white men.  This is reflected by a glance at the list of U.S. presidents,  British prime ministers and leaders of a number of other countries.  This lack of diversity often creates a certain amount of dissatisfaction due to the fact that a nation as diverse as Britain,  for instance,  has not seen this diversity reflected in its national leadership.  Despite this,  in recent times there has been a slight increase in diversity amongst politicians,  with Barack Obama elected in 2008 as the US’ first African American president and with the current prime minister of Britain being Theresa May, the country’s second female leader after Margaret Thatcher.

As well as diversity (or lack of it in some cases) in politics there is also diversity of  politics.  This refers to the fact that politics is a diverse field with advocates of the extreme left, right and everything in-between.  For instance,  in Britain there are five main political parties.  On the far left there is the Green Party,  the more mainstream, less extreme left wing party is the Labour Party.  The far right party is the UK Independence Party,  know as UKIP,  with the less extreme Conservative Party,  currently in power,  on the center-right.  The remaining party is the Liberal Democrat Party.  Despite what their name might suggest,  they are right on the centre of the political spectrum.  This illustrates that in Britain there is a large range among the major political parties,  and an even greater range when the minor parties are included.  This is also the case in many other countries.  With this,  it is apparent that politics is extremely diverse.


2 thoughts on “Diversity in and of politics”

  1. I would very much agree that especially in past times the leadership has been not diverse. But like you were saying that appears to be changing with leaders like Barack, Theresa, and Margaret. Do you believe this trend of more diverse leaders will continue or will countries end up going back to a less diverse selection?


  2. I completely agree! The leadership in politics is completely one sided. Old white guys are the face of the U.S. government. There needs to be a complete overhaul if we are ever going to have a government that reflects its people. But to do this we need to get diverse people like minorities and women interested in politics! After that we have to actually vote for them! That means taking part in every election not just the one every four years!


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