Diversity in Doctor Who

The long running television show, Doctor Who is not know for having too many diverse elements will on the air. Yes, Old Who does try to have some different backgrounds for some episodes but for the most part, the writers and casting directors failed miserably.  Old Who has gotten a lot of backlash for the lack of representation; however, this backlash was only given to the  Old Who writers  after years of the show being of the air. Why is this? Why does it take years for someone to speak up against the under representation of minority characters? During the time the first season of Doctor Who was air, which was in the 1930s, underrepresentation was a common feature for television programs everywhere, especially in America. Even though Doctor Who has always been a British television program, it probably would never get the proper airtime in America if there were minorities featured in the show, which is sad to say the least. Also, female representation was not a huge deal during that time period as well. For the most part, from what I have seen from Old Who, diversity was not a key factor in the production of Doctor Who. When the show started again, Doctor Who writers attempted to be more diverse through different writers, more female character(still no female Doctor), and even a racially diverse cast in many episodes. I believe this has a lot to do with the evolution of the Sci-Fi genre. Since Sci-Fi focuses more on space, aliens, science, and time there is not limit to who the character are. It is important for shows like Doctor Who to show more and more characters of all backgrounds. The idea of Sci-Fi focuses on being who you want to be despite being judged for it: the idea that everyone can be amazing. The Doctor Who fandom consists of people who come many kinds of backgrounds. The current Doctor Who should continue to strive for diversity because it means a lot to the fans.



One thought on “Diversity in Doctor Who”

  1. I would agree that many people do not agree that the more recent episodes have a lot of diversity in them. I also think the way that society is now, we search for something to always be wrong or not included in something. I think it is very hard to please everyone when it comes to diversity in a television show. There are so many different forms of diversity that it is just almost impossible to include all of them. I think the show tries to incorporate different elements of diversity in their episodes but it will be hard to really include every little thing.


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