The Perks of Being A Part of a Fandom

Many people may not know this, but I am a part of a fandom: the anime fandom. A fandom is the act of having a strong admiration of someone or something in particular. My love for anime is something that I can not fully explain, and being a part of the anime fandom helps with finding ways to explain why I love it so much. Anime more than something to watch. It’s a way of seeing someone’s hard work come to life on a screen. The different genres, characters, plotlines, and scripts show the author’s creativity.  Being in a fandom means that you are a part of a club that shows appreciation to a particular person or thing. In a fandom, you can talk about what you have in common with the next person in that fandom. Because of anime, I know what a fandom is. I never really thought about fandoms as an actual thing until I enrolled in my IS 201 class. This is when my hatred of Doctor Who started: I just cant get into the show at all. Despite how I feel about the show, I can understand why there are Doctor Who fandoms. The show brings a Sci-Fi element to someone’s everyday life and like every other fandom there are always a ship war. (Ship wars are when fans want characters to have a relationship and sometimes the pairings aren’t the same between some fans) Fandoms have a lot in common with each other. The only real difference is what or who the basis of the fandom originates. Fandoms are a big part of why celebrities, shows, movies, books, music, and more are even still popular today. Being in a fandom is something special, and everyone is a apart of one if not many.


One thought on “The Perks of Being A Part of a Fandom”

  1. I think it is very cool that you have an anime fandom. I think I knew fandoms existed, but this class really expanded my intelligence on them and how they are. While I do not have any fandoms myself, I really appreciate those that do. I think it is very cool and inspiring to see others have such a strong interest in a show or certain genre.


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