Doctor Who Experience

Coming into this class I had merely heard of Doctor Who and very little about it at that. Initially I really struggled to getting into the show because of several factors. The first reason was just simply the way the episodes were, I disliked the immature way that the doctor would act at times and kind of the lack of maturity in the show. Then the second reason that I struggled initially with was at least in the first episode, the low budget it seemed to display. While this reason wasn’t a huge issue, the mannequins seemed very low budget and how they miraculously had guns inside their hands was confusing to me. These were just some initial problems that I had in the show and why it was difficult for me to jump on the Doctor Who train.

However, in my eyes the show much approved around season 4, the show got much more intense and mature. It seemed to take a look at more serious topics as well as taking a step away from the child show title that I felt it held in past seasons. While not trying sound scary, it always kind of bugged me that the doctor in the early seasons never wanted too kill anything despite their efforts to kill him. Granted its a TV show, but I just know that if something had tried to kill me and all of humanity several times I don’t think it would be too hard of a decision. Thats obviously personal preference though, but as the show went on it seemed the Doctor focused less preserving all life and more on preserving the side that he was on, usually humanities side. It’s like in the movies when the main character catches the bad guy and decides to give some big speech that results in the bad guy having enough time to get away. However, while Doctor Who isn’t a show that I am going to pursue watching it was definitely a very unique show to watch over seasons and watch how it approached different issues and topics.


2 thoughts on “Doctor Who Experience”

  1. I felt very uninterested in the show when we first began this class as well. It took me a while to find any interest in it at all but with time and as the seasons changed, I did find a little more relevance to the show and my entertainment. Some of the reasons you disliked the show in the beginning are similar to my personal thoughts about it.


  2. I completely agree with what you have to say. I had never even heard of Doctor Who before this class. I also really struggled to get used to the show at first because I did not think it was interesting at all. I also have never really been a science-fiction fan before, so I was against it from the start. I will also agree that I will probably not watch the show again, but I did appreciate how the show incorporated different issues and topics in society.


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