Doctor Who

Since concluding watching Doctor Who, I have finally figured out my thoughts on the show. Going into this class, I was never a fan of sci-fi shows or movies. I never thought I would like Doctor Who because of this. However, the more episodes we watched, I found myself very intrigued at certain points in the show. I would have to say that the 10th Doctor is my favorite overall. Thus being said, I found it hard to follow the episodes or get really intrigued into the show after he was gone.

I think overall Doctor Who has widened my eyes to the amount of diversity that is included in not only this show, but others that I watch as well. I think a show is very much more meaningful if you take into account all the little details included rather than the overall picture.

I would have to say that for the most part I have enjoyed Doctor Who. However, I do not see myself continuing the show in the future. I think that the overall concept of the show is good, but there are not enough interesting story lines to keep me hooked and want to watch more.

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3 thoughts on “Doctor Who”

  1. I myself can’t say that i enjoyed the show but you are right, there were a couple of episodes that were quite interesting. I also just seem to be getting more exposure to it now more than ever. Other than in class it seems to be popping up on my facebook posts and other social media sites. Although i’m not a fan of the show I do now have somewhat of a connection to it.


  2. I’m really glad to know that you did enjoy the show at least a little. I also totally understand not being able to get into the show as much without David Tennant in it, he was a great Doctor and seems to be a lot of people’s favorite.


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