An alternative RICE day

During this year of RICE day, unlike the previous years, I got the chance to present my biology senior research project: Capsaicinoid Concentration in the Carolina Reaper Peaks at 40 Days From Fruit Set and Declines thereafter. Don’t worry, this blog won’t be scienecy whimey since most of my audience is not going to be biology major. Which brings me to my point: diversity in audiences.

Although I’ve already presented my poster to the peers in my class, presenting during RICE day was a whole different experience.  To sum it up the best, I’m going to use Dr. Bousquet as an example. Unlike other professors, before he listened to our speech, he gave us a parameter: time and target audience. We needed to be able to explain our research to a “high school history teacher”, “under 5 minutes”. Not only did we need to condense our information, we also need to explain it in simpler language to avoid science jargons.

Most of us speakers have a very comprehensive understanding of our research, but most of our audience have different level of understanding. Just like we each have different background in terms of culture and knowledge in diversity. Sometimes it takes a little extra attention and effort to accommodate the difference.


2 thoughts on “An alternative RICE day”

  1. I commend Dr. Bousquet and his efforts to help you explain your research. One of the biggest issues I have seen with much of the scientific community is that although they have a vast knowledge of the information associated with their field, they do not know how to talk about it to the average person. In making you summarize, Dr. Bousquet helped you learn a skill that more individuals in the scientific field would benefit from learning: communication.


  2. That’s one thing that makes me nervous about going to RICE day, I’m always afraid that even though I’m supposed to understand what’s going on, I’m going to lose track of what’s happening in like 30 seconds.


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