Diversity at RICE Day

April 11, 2017, was Wartburg’s sixth annual RICE Day celebration. RICE stands for Research, Internship, and Creative Endeavor Day.  It recognizes student achievement in and out of the classroom, and showcases Wartburg’s academic and co-curricular diversity across the disciplines. This day allows all students to see the diverse possibilities and opportunities at Wartburg College. I saw a lot of different academic presentations at RICE Day, but what fascinated me the most was the amount of diverse subjects being researched in the social sciences. I will highlight two of them in this post.

The first poster I’m going to talk about was titled “House Ventilation in Kenya” and was created by Emma Fuhs and Clay Henning. This group designed a stove that will reduce exposure to emissions and improve the overall health of the user and produce economic opportunities for Kenyan entrepreneurs. They believe that if this design was implemented, it would help save 4.3 million people’s lives annually from lung cancer because it would give proper ventilation. The design they came up with will reduce exposure to CO2 emissions by 90%. They estimate the cost to be around $50 and last for 15 years and could really help communities in Kenya.

The second poster I visited was titled “Capsaicinoid Concentration in the Carolina Reaper” and was created by Lily Zheng and Tessa Helmle. This group looked into the development of capsaicinoid in the Carolina Reaper, which is currently the hottest pepper in the world. The group researched the development of capsaicinoid, the chemical which makes peppers hot. They wanted to know the point in the pepper’s development when the pepper is at its hottest. They found that capsaicinoid develops in the pepper during weeks 1-4, and at week 4 it is at its highest. After 5 weeks, capsaicinoid starts to taper off.

As you can see, RICE Day showcases Wartburg’s academic and co-curricular diversity across the disciplines. Wartburg College is an amazing place where you can truly follow whatever passion you have.


2 thoughts on “Diversity at RICE Day”

  1. Thank you so much for stopping by our poster!!! I’m glad you enjoyed RICE day! I had a great time presenting as well. It’s definitely different being a presenter, being on the other end of the RICE day experience. P.S. I don’t want to be the one nit picky but it was actually 40 days, not 4 weeks XD


  2. I didn’t go see the one about house ventilation, but now I wish I had! That sounds very interesting and it could really help a lot of people.


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