Doctor Who: Watch where you’re going!

Plummeting from space just above Earth where the Doctor had managed to position the deteriorating Tardis; the Doctor thought to himself “after all these years, I’ll die alone” when with the last jilt of energy the Doctor propelled the Tardis through to a small isolated ally in the streets of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina where he was flung out of the Tardis in what could’ve been a crushing death for the Doctor. Sarajevo that day was quiet for the most part except for a parade of some sort in the distance but the Doctor had other things to worry about; the Eye of Harmony had been severely damaged. Desperate to restore the Tardis from its condition after the landing the Doctor sped across the street in and out of nearby allies in hopes of finding iron sheets and pipes to repair the Tardis until he turned into an ally where he bumped into a man, knocking the wind out of him and causing him to fall over and reveal his pistol. Apologetically the Doctor helped him up and dusted him off as the fall had been a rather serious one and the man was bruised on his arm and shoulder. Although the doctor noticed his weapon he thought nothing of it and walked off while the man picked up his pistol, put it in his coat pocket and leaned against the wall behind him to catch his breath. As the Doctor walked off, a Gräf & Stift touring car typical of the 1910 to 1915 passed him heading in the direction he just come from with 2 other vehicles following close behind and a few moments after the Doctor turned the corner he heard 2 gunshots being fired.


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