Every year to kick off May term there is one party that unites every group that there is on campus. The infamous Kohlman Keg is a party that is set for the final day of tour week to blow off steam and start May term off with a bang. On this particular day, no one on campus is hated or left out of the party. Most of the year there are teams that might fight between one another, but on this day we are all friends just trying to have a good time. Last year was our freshman year and for most of us, it was our first. At first, I thought that this was a weird idea to get all the students together and just let them go crazy in the middle of a park. This party is the ultimate diversity event for anyone. When the Kegs are flowing there is no such thing as color, race, religion, or gender there’s just beer. Now around the park, there are games that are going on where there are teams of people that might not have anything to do with each other but we all get along very well. Now, this comes to a greater point to how we can use this experience. We see that all over the world there is trouble that brews between countries, religions, or even political parties. If all the diverse students at a small college in the middle of Iowa can solve their differences in one day; how come we can’t stop the wars and fighting that occurs around the world with just a few days, weeks, or months it would take to solve all the trouble in the world?


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