The Human Dalek

In the episode Dalek’s In Manhattan we learn of a Dalek plot to evolve using human DNA and vesicles. The plot eventually went awry due to the non-human Daleks turning against their leader Dalek Sec who is has at that point in time evolved into the first human Dalek. Eventually all of the Dalek’s with the exception of Dalek Khan die including Dalek Sec. What would be really interesting is if Dalek Sec’s plans had not been foiled by the other Daleks but was actually followed.
If Dalek Sec’s plans had been followed then all of the humans they had harvested would have Dalek DNA and Dalek ideas but would still remain mostly human. This would mean that those humans who were spliced with Dalek DNA would have major attitude adjustments and likely look at the world we live in very differently. Assuming that the human would keep the best traits of a human which is what Sec wanted we can figure out roughly how these individuals may have acted. First we need to understand what Dalek Sec admired about humans so much. I think the main reason Sec decided it was necessary to evolve was due to humankind’s ability to not just survive but also thrive in many environments. Because of this it is safe to assume that the humans would still have the ability to adapt to dangerous situations. Once Sec becomes a human Dalek he begins to experience emotions that have long been lost to the Daleks and he realizes that these emotions are what keep humans thriving and adapting. So it would be a good assumption to guess that the humans would retain their entire original emotional spectrum. However, many of those emotions would be dulled or kept dormant while more Dalek traits like cunning, intelligence, and feeling of superiority would be heightened.


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