The outsiders view of the American Utopia

There is no doubt that a majority of Americans will claim that the United States of America is the greatest country on this earth. In addition, a large portion outside of the US also believe that it is the greatest country on this earth.

The facts may suggest otherwise, the US is ranked 7th in terms of education, 7th in business entrepreneurship and a measly number 18 for quality of life. So then why, why is the US viewed in such high standing? Why is the US seen as the greatest country in the world, not only by Americans but by a majority of the worlds population.

Many words are brushed around as to why the US is best, the most common one being “freedom”. This term is used so lightly it hardly has any meaning. How can one be “free” if they have to worry about their legitimacy in a country because of the new executive orders? How can one be “free” if they cannot trust those who swear to serve and protect them? Primarily, the term “freedom” in this case is just not something that is special to America either, countries such as Germany and Belgium truly express freedom.

Again, why is it that the US is thus viewed as the greatest country in the world? I believe that it is the marketing of opportunity. The US in ranked 1st in power as well as being influential and 2nd in being a forward-looking country. The way America is viewed is in a very positive light because of these so-called opportunities that are presented. I did think the US was the greatest country on earth, before I got here.

The potential is limitless, the positives are positive, however, the reality remains that the people within the US and the choices that are being made, make it run short of being that best country that everyone expects.


5 thoughts on “The outsiders view of the American Utopia”

  1. Just out of curiosity, have you ever seen the video clip of Jeff Daniel answering on Newsrooms about “why is America the greatest country in the world”?


    1. Yes I have, I have seen it multiple times, and it was the scene I had seen again that made me think of the topic for this blog post.


  2. I really appreciate the “unconventional” view of America that you presented here. I used to think the same way that you did before you came to America, and much of what changed my view of America came from traveling overseas. After witnessing first hand how other countries delt with issues like equal pay and gun control, it was hard to go back to America with the same mindset that it was the “best” country in the world that “embodied freedom”. You brought up a good and valid point, that a country that makes its residents feel unsafe because of executive orders that single out entire subsets of the population should not be seen as the epitome of freedom.


  3. First off, I love the video that Lily was talking about. I also love the stance you took on this topic. It really is hard to think that the US is the greatest country in the world when we have so many problems that are ignored.


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